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Preventing Fast Aging by Telomere Testing

Telomeres as a biological clock show us how fast we age. The speed of telomere shortening and the aging process for each person is very individual. In most cases, the biological age (the aging process of cells) of a person differs from his chronological age and depends heavily on the person's way of life. Using information from the result of your telomere test, a person can learn the rate of shortening of their telomeres and their biological age and take certain steps to slow the process of their aging.

Prolonging Youth by Selecting Life Style

We constantly change something in our life to improve its quality, but we do not know how these changes affect our youth and telomeres. In most cases, the indicators of improving our health conditions are our emotions and feelings. Our company offers you a real scale (a step-by-step check of the rate of slowing down of your telomeres shortening), which you can use to choose the optimal lifestyle for you in extending your youth and your youth and well-being. By testing your telomeres every three months (4 tests give you one year record), we can check the changes in your telomeres and accordingly adjust your lifestyle.

Length of Your Life in Your Hands

Using our telomere check-up scale, you take the length of your life into your own hands and find the optimal path of your healthy life.

This way of life includes all areas: nutritional supplements, proven natural medical innovations, work, food, recreation, fitness, and relationship with other people. You no longer depend on the coincidences in your life and all that you do is aimed at strengthening your health and prolonging your life.

The feeling that you are in control of your life gives you an enormous emotional charge for every day and your life is filled with meaning. Health, youth, success, and happiness begins to fill your life every minute and every day.

Telomere Testing as a Step Towards Immortality

Information from your telomere testing gives you the opportunity to live a long and active life, meet many people and do many good things for your family and other people. In the course of your long life, you can leave a good memory of yourself in the hearts of so many people, which is one of the ways to your immortality.

If all of the above is important and meaningful for you,
then take your life into your own hands by ordering a telomere test today.

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Hallo Mischa,

ich habe vor langer Zeit den Crawler gebaut und immer wieder den Baufortschritt des LUT verfolgt. Download dieses Modells kommt für mich nicht in Frage.
Ist abzusehen, ob und wann dieses Monster als Kartonbogen zur Verfügung steht?
Freundliche grüße

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